We’re Moving

[We’re Moving (2014) /Image & Artwork: designslinger]

designslinger is moving.

The folks who have hosted our site for the past 5 years have notified us that they will    no longer be providing direct hosting services starting in June. So we have to move, and this is going to be an arduous, nerve-wracking process as we try to figure out how to transfer our archives and subscriber list over to a new host. For example, we have accumulated over 1200 posts over the past 5 years, and apparently can only move 100 of them at a time over to the new provider. So far the directions they’ve given us to make this transition happen haven’t worked. But they, and we, are trying to figure it out.

There’s no word on how we’re supposed to move over our subscriber list though. Ugh.

Things will operate as they always have for the next couple of weeks, but beyond that,
well – hang in there with us dear, loyal readers. We will most definitely be keeping you posted.


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8 Responses to We’re Moving

  1. William Kundert says:

    I have no idea what it might be, but if there is any way I can assist, let me know….Bill

  2. designslinger says:

    Not sure what it could be either, but just by offering to help makes the transfer seem more attainable. Thanks so much!

  3. Harold Barnett says:

    Chicago wasn’t built in a day. Hang in there. A loyal follower.

  4. Ellen says:

    I will follow you anywhere, although I’ll admit I was hoping you meant you were moving to California.

  5. designslinger says:

    You’re right – it wasn’t. And we’ll hang in there because of loyal followers like you. Thanks!

  6. designslinger says:

    How wonderful to hear from you! No we’re not moving to California, but who thought we’d ever be living in Chicago – so anything’s possible!!

  7. Peri Arnold says:

    I’ve gotten addicted to your great Chicago images and narratives of architectural and social history. Hope the virtual move is easy and we all have you back quickly.

  8. designslinger says:

    We’re making progress – slowly – still some bumps in the road to smooth out. Thanks for bearing with us!!

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